July 2018 Newsletter


Who Will Watch Your Systems When You're Away?

Being away from your desk or your office and leaving your systems unprotected is akin to inserting a ticking time bomb into your computer or server. You wouldn't leave the door to your home unlocked while you're away, so why would you leave your system in a vulnerable state when you're not at your desk? With the tools, resources, and expertise to monitor your systems and defend against potential threats, having an IT provider to back you up is a technology investment that keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently. Leave the IT work to us so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Quick Tech Tips from Paladin IT

4 Ways Paladin IT Can Help Protect Your Systems

1. Find out where your risks lie.

As a business owner or manager, you're often fixated on running the operations of your business and may not notice something's amiss in your systems until something goes wrong. A dedicated and experienced IT support staff can help you spot vulnerabilities in your system and keep it safe from malware and other viruses. Don't wait until you're having to execute your recovery plan to assess risks and vulnerabilities.

2. Keep your systems safe with top-notch security.

Your safety is our priority. With our top-notch enhanced Managed Security with 24 x 7 monitoring and remediation by our Security Operations Center (SOC), you never have to worry about leaving your devices unattended. When you have to leave the office - whether you're traveling for business, enjoying a long holiday or simply taking the weekend off - don't leave your systems unprotected against potential threats and data loss. The last thing you want is to walk into work on a Monday morning and find out your systems were compromised over the weekend. Leave your business in the capable hands of IT support staff who can monitor your systems 24/7.

3. Stay on top of updates and preventative maintenance.

Key software updates and preventative maintenance may be a necessity for up-to-date systems that run smoothly and efficiently, but taking on these tasks yourself may cost you productivity during key working hours. Instead of adding these tasks to your already-full plate, trust our expert technicians to keep your systems up, running, and optimized for performance. This way, you can work with confidence knowing you won't have to dodge update notifications while working on important projects.

4. Resolve issues without waiting for the IT guy to show up.

If IT issues are keeping you from working smoothly through projects and tasks, there's no longer a need to "wait for the IT guy" to come and assess your systems. The IT support staff at Paladin IT can resolve most issues remotely. Rest assured knowing you can contact us via phone, email or chat.

Our New Website is Live!

After a lot of hard work, our labor of love has been launched! Enjoy learning more about Paladin InfoTek, where the name came from and the services we offer to keep your business running right here!

Paladin Services

“Keeping Your Business Running” is our focus and the most important component of our Managed IT Services model. Our Managed IT Services offering includes:

  • Operational IT
  • Managed Security
  • Business Continuity

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IT Assessments

Paladin IT can perform a wide range of IT assessments including Operational, Security, and HIPAA and PCI Compliance. We also can install dedicated devices that monitor and assess the internal or external threats to your systems and network; each module is designed to produce a unique set of specialized reports for a different type of IT operational area risk.

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